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Ladder Competetion

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November 2009


What to do with 3 x 5 index cards; results card.

  1. Receive results card from coach at meeting start.
  2. Record your name and opponent name on card.
  3. Record results of YOUR WIN or LOSS on results card (not your opponents win or loss).

Note, results MUST be recorded by BOTH players

(do NOT rely on your opponent to record your results).

  1. Turn in results card to coach at meeting end.  (see penality below for no activity i.e. no results card) 



  • If the higher ranked player wins or draws, there is no ranking position change.
  • If the lower ranked player wins, lower player replaces higher player position on ladder and higher player moves down one position.
  • Rating points:  win = plus +10 points    loss = minus -5 points    (players begin at 1000 on Ladder A)





All players participate in ladder completion.  New players are placed at the bottom of the ladder in a section appropriate to their skill level.


Ladder A section –  chess

Ladder B section –  “pawn war chess” with variety of pieces

Ladder C section –  “pawn war chess” with pawns only


All players may challenge or coach assigned to play any player in the same section.  Top Player in lower section may challenge or assigned player in next upper section.


NO DRAWS.  Only allowed draw is stalemate, which must be validated by coach.  Otherwise, all games are played for a win/loss.      


Decline a challenge under the following conditions:

  • If players have already played each other once that day. 
  • If player has accepted another challenge & is waiting to play that match, or is in the middle of a challenge match.


Penalty for inactivity:

  • All inactive players drop down one position on (3rd) third week of no activity, then 1 position every 1 week thereafter.  (no results card = no activity) 




Touch Move is in effect in all sections

  • If player touches a piece & it can be legally moved, player must move it.

Notation (Ladder Section A)

  • Notation is optional (required for number #1), but encouraged

Analysis is optional (required for number #1), but encouraged when notation is done

Note, post game analysis between players is VERY beneficial.   

Clock (Ladder Section A)

  • Clock is optional (G/15 max), but may be used if both players agree (and a clock is available).

Tip:  common (regular) time controls-G/30, G/60, G/90

            Tip:  common (quick) time controls-G/15, G/10, G/5


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