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Parents Page

Page history last edited by Mike Games 13 years, 9 months ago

Parents are always welcome to attend any chess club meeting or event.


First, you've come to visit this site and that will be very helpful.  This site is the clubs primary media for communication.

Please 'click' around and explore.  You can always return home by 'clicking' the square home button on the top right of each page.


Second, THANK YOU for knowing the value of chess for students.  Additional information on this can be found at - http://scscholasticchess.pbworks.com/


Here is a short list of a few things a parent can do to help their young chess player.

  • encourage them to play
  • allow them to teach you and/or other friends and family
  • ensure they have standard chess equipment (see SideBar Good Chess Equipment )
  • as players progress, scholastic (individuall & team) tournaments will be available
  • contact coaches or parent sponsor for any questions, suggestions, or concerns  


The finanicial needs of the club are small, any help is gratefully accepted (see SideBar CLUB WISH LIST )


Any questions, suggestions, or concerns....call or email me anytime for anythings.

MGames@Yahoo.com 864-389-1180 (anytime for anything)




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